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Advisory/ Technical/ Screening Studies:

Navigating the flood of new environmental legislation can be a daunting task, which without proper guidance, can result in the risk of non-compliance with environmental legislation. Interpreting legislation, and undertaking ‘screening studies’ has become a vital pre-assessment (Environmental Impact Assessment or Basic Assessment) tool for new developments and for the expansion of existing developments. Typically the function of an environmental screening study is to:


  • Review the proposed project/ process in the light of current legislation in order to identify possible environmental triggers requiring environmental authorisation;
  • Discuss project/ process requirements to determine whether redesign or relocation can eliminate triggers;
  • If it is believed that no authorisation is required, a motivation will be written and distributed to the relevant authorities in order to assess/ validate this opinion;
  • If it is believed that authorisation would be required, this can be confirmed through meeting with the relevant authorities in order to discuss the project and the requirements for authorisation.


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