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What we offer

COEX offers specialist, professional services in the following main areas:

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Screening Studies

Screening Studies involve investigating a proposed activity in order to identify potential environmental triggers. If necessary correspondence can be prepared and submitted to the relevant authorities on behalf of the client in order to confirm an opinion.

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Impact Assessments

COEX has been involved in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Basic Assessment (BA) studies since 2002. COEX has all the necessary experience and expertise to give your project the highest probability of a successful outcome.

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Air Emission Inventory

COEX has undertaken air emission inventory studies for industries, mines and municipalities both locally and abroad.

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Air Dispersion Modelling

Air Dispersion Modelling studies are often a legislated requirement of compliance and provide a useful tool to assess the impact of an operation’s current and future activities on ambient air quality.

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Other Air Quality Services

COEX has been involved in other air quality services such as the preparation of a large number of successful Atmospheric Emissions Licence applications, the preparation of Leak Detection And Repair programs, apportionment studies to determine the financial contribution of individual role players to regional air quality studies etc.

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Site Assessments and Monitoring Programs

Are services which COEX offers to clients who wish to gain a better understanding of the history and current condition of a site, soils and groundwater. Studies are conducted in a phased manner in terms of local and international standards.

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We are always happy to hear from you Get in touch

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We are at your service

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Meet Our Team

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Duncan Martin

Environmental Consultant

With a background in the environmental sciences (BSc Forestry), Duncan’s strong technical predilection combined with his understanding of environmental processes and legislation, give him a holistic view combined with technical insight. This has proven invaluable in the projects which he has undertaken.

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Peter Butland


A chemical engineer (BSc Eng) by training, Peter entered into the environmental consulting field directly after qualifying in 1994. Peter has gained a vast amount of experience, undertaking many varied projects in this role. Peter has a thorough understanding of chemical/industrial processes combined with an in-depth knowledge of the Environmental legislative framework.

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What people say About us

  • “We used the Services of COEX in compiling our Application for our Atmospheric Emissions Licence. We found them to be very Helpful, Knowledgeable and Professional in every aspect”

    SICAD South Africa (PTY) Ltd

  • In all our interactions I have found COEX personnel to be highly professional in their approach and their environmental work to be well documented and justified.”

    Jon Marshall, Environmental Planning and Design CC

  • The COEX team are excellent and efficient planners with a wealth of knowledge. Deadline driven and dedicated planners. The team has assisted us in attaining our AEL Licence timeously ”

    Durban Galvanizing (PTY) Ltd



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